Welcome to TwinCitiesBurgers.com

Juicy Lucy from the 5-8 Club

The idea for this site came about after many discussions and debates at work over who has the best hamburger in the Twin Cities area.  Minnesota cuisine may be synonymous with hot dish and lutefisk, however the Twin Cities boasts hundreds of restaurants with flavors from around the world.

One of the most famous foods to have come out of Minneapolis is the Jucy Lucy – a gourmet hamburger stuffed with molten cheese.  This blog will focus on more than just the Jucy; it will feature all of the best hamburgers throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and the surrounding areas.  Stick with us if you want to find recommendations on the best burger for a family dinner, or a great place for a worktime lunch.

If you have recommendations for places that have great burgers, I would love to hear them.  Shoot me an email at contact@twincitiesburgers.com.

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